My Comments

As all the best artists, Kenny G has had to suffer several ways of bad criticism from the purists; those who think they know everything about everything. Unfortunately for them, none has been able to judge his amazing talent as a sax player, but they try to classify his music where they want it to be.

I am not a musician and I can’t play the saxophone, but I know what I feel when I listen to someone performing. No one is as good as Kenny G at making people thrill with all the emotion and sentiment he transmits everytime he takes his sax and plays.

Besides, there exists the fact that he is, maybe, the most virtuous sax player all over the world. What about his way of playing the notes so quickly, and what about his famous «Circular Breathing», which allows him to express an idea when it is longer than a normal breath?.

I admire him very much, too, for his sweet behaviour. He is always smiling, always so kind with his fans and the press. I will never forget the day he came to Spain, my country, to do the promotion of «The Moment». It was April, 11th 1997, and he was at a radio station, performing live and being interviewed. Many of the listeners who had sent a fax to him, received it back with his autograph. I have mine kept as one of my biggest treasures. THANK YOU, KENNY!.

That year 1997, you came to Spain in concert, but I could not attend. I wish I had done it!. I have always been sorry about that, but it wasn’t possible for me. I wish you could come back soon, I promise you I will go, even if I have to travel for six hours by bus to get to where you are. I could see you in Porto, Portugal, with my other great idol: Michael Bolton. It was in July 2011.

I am very, very tired of reading bad comments about you, exactly about the fact that everybody wants to classify your style of music. And every time jazz «experts» hear your name among them, they try to frustrate your next step. But they can’t; the more they want to do it, the more they fail, because you have and will always count on your fans all around the world, to support you.

I have all your records, from «Kenny G», and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me know so many wonderful jazz classics listening to your album: «Classics In The Key Of G». From here, I recommend everybody to buy it. Even though they don’t feel close to jazz, they will, listening to your inspiration.

Finally, thanks, Kenny, for letting us enjoy so many times with your «POWER». For your version of «My Heart Will Go On» . For that wonderful interpretation of «How Am I Supposed To Live Without You» at the 1990 Grammy Awards, with Michael Bolton, encouraging him because he looked nervous. For your delicious sense of humour. For your Christmas songs, perfectly performed, even although you do not understand them the way Christian people, like me, do. Your four Holiday albums («Miracles», «Faith», «Wishes» and «The Greatest Holiday Classics») are wonderful and they have filled us with joy and happiness those special days, which are very sad for many, many people because they bring back sad memories, sad memories of people who has gone. Now I am listening to your new album, titled: «Rhythm & Romance» which is really lovely!. Thanks for making a cd thinking of Latin people. This record is very close to all of us. Good Luck, and I hope you come to Spain soon in concert. Take care.

Thanks for your respect.

Kenny released «Heart and Soul» in 2010 and in June 2012, he presented «Namaste», a collaboration with Indian musician Rahul Sharma. Also on Concord Records, like all his new albums, since he left Arista. In 2015 «Brazilian Nights», again with Concord, dedicated to Bossa Nova, the music he said had been listening to daily for the last year and a half. Dedicated to the biggest musicians in this style, he also adds some own material.